Starting from the Year 2009 we have gave horse shows in various events. The setup is almost always unique, as the horses and people are teamed up differently.

Video: Zirguskola’s shows



Our team have made some collaborations with movie producers. Our horses together with their trainers have starred in many movie scenes:


  • Latvian movie “Baltic tribes – Last Pagans of Europe” (“Baltu ciltis”) near Riga Year 2016-2017. (video)
  • Latvian movie “Blizzard of souls” (“Dvēseļu Putenis”) in several locations in Latvia (Year 2017-2018) (Animal scenes video)
  • In production Latvian western movie “Where the Road Leads” (“Kur vedīs ceļš”) in several locations in Latvia (Year 2019-2020)
  • Korean movie “HERO” in Riga and Cinevilla, Latvia (Year 2019)


Following the request of Latvian film production company “Film Angels Production” our team has participated in special projects, both local and international.

Video: ERGO commercial